What is linktotweet.com?

www.linktotweet.com allows you to make any text, sentence or link easily tweetable with a single click. The main purpose is to allow the users to freely create and share twitter messages through a unique short link offered by this system.

How does it work?

  1. Write a message you want to share and click "Generate". A handy short link will be generated
  2. Place the generated link to any page (blog, site, application, ...)
  3. Your site is ready to share the content

Let's see an example:

"www.linktotweet.com offers a free service for sharing predefined twitter messages. Check it out! #linktotweet" [<- Click here to Tweet this tip]

Short Link

When a message is generated, a unique CODE (usually an 8 chars code) is assigned to the message. This will then be used to form the link. In the above message the link looks like http://go.linktotweet.com/BVCYBYXB. If you think that the link is too long, you may always further shorten it by using some third party message shorteners.

There are mainly two kind of URL's you need to know about:


The great thing about www.linktotweet.com is that all the visits to the link can be tracked and generate statistics like number of clicks and geolocation. This gives a fantastic opportunity for creating campaigns, business communications, marketing, sharing quotes easy and trackable. For the time being, more advanced statistics are only available to registered users.


The goal is to create as much statistics as possible, as we believe that the statistics are the real core feature of the site.

Is linktotweet.com free?

Yes. For the time being there are no plans for making the users paying for the service. Sponsors are welcome! You are welcome to support this site by contributing too! If that is the case contact us please.

Technical Support

Contact us please in case you think there is anything to be improved. We will be immediately notified and react.